Using this platform

How to use this platform

The MBSSE Education Knowledge Platform is a hub of information, resources, guidance or research on basic and secondary education in Sierra Leone.

It provides materials for everyone across the education sector with an interest in Sierra Leone’s secondary schools – including teachers and school supervisors, policy-makers and community members.

What it offers

  • Tools to support education providers’ professional development
  • Resources to inform decision-making in schools
  • Policies that outline requirements and standards for education
  • Information and guidance for pupils, parents and community members
  • Digital versions of learning resources, including the Pupils’ Handbook

How to use the platform

The platform offers a variety of ways to search and find what you need.

  1. Use the search bar to browse the entire site. It will return all documents that relate to the terms that you use.
  1. Select your audience via the home page. This will return all resources and information relevant to a specific role, e.g. documents for teachers, education managers, parents or pupils.
  1. Focus on specific document types using the navigation tabs. Choose from one of the top tabs to find a list of resources grouped by purpose, e.g. policy documents or teaching guides.

Once you’ve accessed a list of resources, you can narrow your search by applying filters. Simply choose the school level, year of publication or theme that you want and it will return only the resources relevant to your selection.